Kevin: Make your character fully in here and only me and you can see it!

Adrian: Fuckin noice!
I’ll build my character later this week. By the sounds of it we don’t have game for another few weeks, so we’re ok.

We grew up with rich parents in the Crownsted but we didn’t like the lifestyle. Not having to work but still getting everything we wanted was boring. We decided to start making our own things and tried to build everything ourselves. The local Magical Master Craftsman in the area decided to teach us.

We spent most of our days as apprentices trying to copy the Master Craftsman but he was just so good at everything that we each had to focus on one field of Crafting. I Zhoron decided to take up Weapons as I was more a brute force kinda guy. Where my brother Vitus took up Armor as he was more strategic and was smart enough to know that protection is one way to One-Up your foes.

After getting good enough at our craft we traveled around selling our wares to people in surrounding towns. We didn’t make much money in comparison to our parents but we were happy living our lives living on our own.

While traveling we would sometimes come across Bandits or Creatures on the trails. Because we had things to steal we very frequently had to get into fights to protect our wares. At first we got most of our stuff taken and got beat up. It was hard as a Merchant on the rode. So we decided to get stronger. We would train with each other and when we saw Creatures on the trail we would try to practice our sills.

Now that we have saved up gold and completed our training with our Mentor we set out to find The “Night Fire?”. Strongest Material on this Continent. Our Mentor, Master Craftsman, always talked about how great it would be to Craft a Weapon with the “Night Fire”.

We don’t know how long it will take and plan to make many stops to prepare for whatever lies ahead. We learned from our past to keep an eye out for things on the trails and to keep our treasures safe.

We know most of the area around Crownsted but are looking for a guide to lead us up through …“Make something up”….

We came across a Male Human and some gnomes. The were talking of treasure and adventure. My brother is very interested in treasure and invited them along as it seemed our destinations our in the same region.

Secret Character Info

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